Is majoring in nursing hard? (2024)

Is majoring in nursing hard?

Nursing school is designed to prepare students to meet the profession's demands. So, while earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is difficult, it's an attainable goal — and it can be done in as few as 16 to 18 months.

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Is it hard to do a nursing degree?

If you're wondering how hard nursing school is compared to medical school, know that neither is easy. Both are in the health care field, and both have high levels of personal responsibility. Nursing school takes less time to complete, but it's known for its rigorous curriculum.

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What is the hardest class for a nursing major?

Pharmacology. Pharmacology, or the study of medication, can seem scary because of the sheer scope of the course. "It becomes one of the hardest classes for nursing students due to the depth and amount of knowledge needed," says Megan Lynch, RN and instructor at Pima Community College.

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Is it worth it to major in nursing?

Nursing is a high-demand profession with a projected growth rate higher than the average for all occupations. Obtaining a nursing degree increases job prospects and provides long-term career stability. Competitive salary and benefits. Nurses often enjoy competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages.

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How stressful is a nursing degree?

Statistically, nursing school is stressful. Psychological studies have found it's more stressful than just about any other academic program—including, some studies say, medical school. The reasons why makes sense.

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How hard is first year of nursing?

Developing this new skill set may feel unfamiliar and overwhelming at first, which is why many nursing students report the first year as being the hardest. Your own experience will differ depending on how comfortable you are with schoolwork and interacting with others in a caregiver role.

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Is a 2 year nursing degree hard?

Nursing requires more dedication than many other careers. However, it's one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. Nursing school is notoriously difficult—and it's not for everyone.

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How many nursing students fail?

According to the National League for Nursing, the national dropout rate for nursing programs in the United States is 20%, and this high attrition rate is considered problematic. The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission set the desirable retention rate at 80%.

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What's the hardest semester in nursing school?

Without question, the most difficult semester for me was the last semester of my junior year in nursing school. I attended a 4-year BSN program, and that particular semester included three classes that were very content-heavy, as well as the corresponding clinical hours for those classes.

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What is the hardest degree in the world?

Law is officially the hardest subject to get a first class degree in, and involves more reading that you can imagine.

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What is a good GPA for a nursing major?

GPA requirements depend on the type of nursing program you want to apply for, but most programs require at least a 3.0 GPA or higher. However, due to the competitive nature of nursing programs, most schools prefer a 3.7 to 4.0 GPA.

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Does GPA matter to become a nurse?

If you're hoping to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), you'll generally want to aim for a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and higher for a competitive GPA. In comparison to ADN programs, BSN programs take four years to complete and provide a more comprehensive curriculum.

Is majoring in nursing hard? (2024)
How do I know if nursing is for me?

You're a natural caregiver.

This means having the patience and compassion to care for those who are sick or injured. If you have a natural inclination to take care of others and want to make a difference in the lives of those who are sick or injured, nursing could be the right choice for you.

Is nursing a stable career?

Nursing is a well-paid, highly stable job. It has an incredible amount of flexibility, stability and career opportunity. Emotionally, nursing can have tough days and demanding tasks. But, it is a career that is constantly positioned to provide valued, meaningful care.

Is nursing school stressing me out?

Is It Normal For Students To Be Stressed In Nursing School? Stress in nursing school is completely normal. Whether you are worried about a big test, laboratory demonstrations, or clinical rotations, stress as a nursing student is real and normal.

How do I stop overthinking in nursing school?

7 Tips Nurses Offer for Managing Nursing School Anxiety
  1. Be Prepared. Both Baxter and Burke advise nursing students to be prepared. ...
  2. Identify and Use Resources. ...
  3. Study, Review, and Practice. ...
  4. Recognize It Is Time Limited. ...
  5. Take Time to Relax. ...
  6. Practice Self-Care. ...
  7. Practice Positivity.
Nov 24, 2022

Is nursing one of the hardest majors?

8) Nursing

Considered one of the hardest majors in college, it is also a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding career. As undergraduates, students typically take coursework in psychology, chemistry, and anatomy as well as participate in clinical experiences.

What is the average age of a first year nurse?

The average age to start a nursing career and the factors impacting it are discussed here. Due to the education and training needed for this career, people often start their nursing careers in their early to mid-20s and may continue to even their 50s.

What's the difference between a 2 year RN and a 4 year RN?

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, or BSN, is a four-year bachelor's degree done at a university or college. A BSN degree offers a much broader education than the 2-year associate degree in nursing (ADN) and opens a whole new set of possibilities for a nursing career.

Is nursing school harder than med school?

In both programs the workload is heavy; however, to give you an idea of the difference in challenges, in medical school the content is much more pathophysiology-based, where you are learning more about how diseases and interventions affect the human body on a cellular level.

How to pass nursing school?

9 Tips for How to Be a Better Nursing Student
  1. Determine your learning style. ...
  2. Schedule study time like it's a job. ...
  3. Join a study group. ...
  4. Hire a nursing tutor. ...
  5. Take breaks. ...
  6. Try different study formats to see what works best for you. ...
  7. Take practice NCLEX tests. ...
  8. Get to know your nursing instructors.

Why do nursing students quit?

Some of the common reasons nurses drop out of nursing school include poor time management skills, overwhelming stress, bad study habits, and difficulty taking the new NCLEX-style questions on exams.

Can an average person pass nursing school?

I'm not any smarter than the average person, and I'm doing just fine, and if I can do it, you can trust me!” And the numbers back Sarah up. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, over 80 percent of first-time test takers (who were educated in the U.S.) passed the NCLEX-RN exam for RNs.

Is it OK to fail a nursing exam?

"I know plenty of nurses that didn't [pass on their first attempt] and that's OK. They have all been amazing nurses for many years," says Kristyn Chanel, a pediatric emergency room nurse in Houston. You can retake the exam as soon as 45 days after your first attempt and take it up to eight times in a year.

What is the hardest nursing exam?

The National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, is a critical exam that every nursing student must take to become a licensed nurse. Passing the NCLEX is essential to begin your nursing career, but it is also one of the most challenging exams you will ever take.


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