What is the job description of a LPN? (2024)

What is the job description of a LPN?

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or Licensed Vocational Nurse, is responsible for providing basic medical attention to patients and assessing their wellbeing as part of a larger medical team. Their duties include checking vital signs, recording a patient's medical history and assisting patients with hygiene.

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What is the main job of an LPN?

Plans and manages patient care according to each patient's needs. Interviews patients and records their medical history and physical condition. Obtains patient vital signs, including pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and respiration. Provides routine care for patients.

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What is the primary role of the LPN?

Licensed practical nurses are responsible for a range of hands-on patient care and administrative tasks, including: Monitoring patient health such as vital signs and overall health condition. Changing bandages and inserting catheters. Providing basic patient care, such as daily activities.

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What is the LPN responsibility to profession?

Maintains own competence to practise. Maintains own physical, psychological and emotional fitness to practise. Practises within own level of competence, employer policies, the LPN scope of practice and all relevant legislation. Is accountable and responsible for own nursing decisions, actions and professional conduct.

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What does an LPN do?

Licensed practical nurses provide basic patient care. They generally work under the direction of a registered nurse or doctor. LPNs perform basic medical tasks, such as checking vital signs and administering medication. They're an important link between a patient, their family and their healthcare team.

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What skills do LPN have?

A few of these skills include taking and recording vital signs, applying and changing dressings, and assisting patients with personal hygiene. In some states, LPNs can also give medication and start intravenous drips.

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What can an LPN do vs RN?

LPNs can typically insert IVs and draw blood for labs. LPNs cannot administer IV push medication or start blood transfusions. RNs perform health assessments and provide prevention education. RNs also have the authority to create nursing care plans.

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What is one of the five ethical responsibilities of an LPN?

Ethical Responsibilities: LPNs: 5.1 Demonstrate honesty, integrity and trustworthiness in all interactions. 5.2 Recognize their capabilities and limitations and perform only the nursing functions that fall within their scope of practice and for which they possess the required knowledge, skills and judgement.

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What is the difference between LPN and LVN?

LVN's and LPN's perform the same role. The only difference is that they refer to the position as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in California and Texas. In contrast, the rest of the country refers to them as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Some states allow LPN's to provide medications to patients and some don't.

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Can LPNs start IVs?

LPNs may, under an RN's supervision, administer IVs, provided the LPN has the appropriate practice and documented education. LPNs can't administer antineoplastic agents or investigational drugs. However, they can monitor drug administration with RN supervision.

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How can an LPN contribute to a care plan?

It may be possible for an LPN to collect the data and then have an RN review the data and complete the assessment to determine the patient's needs and developing the plan of care.

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Why do LPNs call themselves nurses?

A Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a licensed nurse that has completed abbreviated education and clinical hours of instruction. The focus of the LVN/LPN is more technical clinical procedures and basic patient care.

What is the job description of a LPN? (2024)
What medications can an LPN Cannot administer?

Exceptions for LPN Practice: Due to the level of client assessment, evaluation and professional judgment required, LPNs are not approved to administer IV thrombolitic medications, IV conscious sedation medications, or IV Pitocin (during the labor/delivery phase).

Why are LPNs considered nurses?

The length of a nursing program does not determine whether someone is “more of a nurse.” LPN graduates are nurses and can work in hospitals, nursing homes and doctors' offices. LPNs have some of the same requirements to graduate as nursing students who have completed their associate or bachelor's degree.

What skills can an LPN not do?

LPNs cannot diagnose any medical condition or prescribe any medication. However, they can handle most of the routine tasks of day-to-day medical care.

What is a good objective for LPN nursing resume?

My objective is to obtain a position that will allow me to continue growing professionally as a Licensed Practical Nurse, utilizing my skills, knowledge, and experience acquired to provide quality care.

Is LVN very hard?

Yes. In my program I went to school every day all day , five days a week for a year. Constantly studying.

Can an LPN give a shot?

LPNs routinely administer injections to their patients. This can include flu, COVID, and meningococcal vaccines, among many other things. In addition, LPNs also educate their patients on the purpose and the side effects of these immunizations.

What can be delegated to LPN?

Tasks that an LPN may, therefore, perform include the ability to:
  • Administer medications that are not high-risk. ...
  • Administer a nasogastric (NG) tube feeding.
  • Perform wound dressing changes.
  • Monitor blood products. ...
  • Do tracheostomy care.
  • Perform suctioning.
  • Check nasogastric tube patency.
  • Administer enteral feedings.

Is LPN easier than RN?

Becoming an LPN is much easier than becoming an RN. That is because you can work as an LPN after attending a one-year course to receive a practical nursing certificate. To become a registered nurse, you must get a bachelor's degree in nursing, which takes four years.

What is the Code of Ethics for LPN?

LPNs must use a code of ethics and an ethical framework when making professional judgments and practice decisions. They must engage in critical thinking and inquiry to inform decision-making and use self-reflection to understand the impact of personal values, beliefs and assumptions in the provision of care.

What are the 8 nursing ethics?

The ethical principles that nurses must adhere to are the principles of justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence, accountability, fidelity, autonomy, and veracity. Justice is fairness. Nurses must be fair when they distribute care, for example, among the patients in the group of patients that they are taking care of.

What is an example of non maleficence in nursing?

Nonmaleficence. In nursing, the ethical principle of nonmaleficence is to avoid causing harm. For example, a nurse demonstrating nonmaleficence would perform multiple checks before administering medication to avoid a dangerous medication error.

Can a LPN put in a catheter?

They are qualified to perform nursing tasks that require licensure such as: medication administration, wound care, tracheostomy care, Foley catheter insertion and other nursing tasks as directed by the Registered Nurse.

Is LPN more advanced than RN?

LPNs will likely earn lower salaries than RNs. This is because RNs have more advanced training and can carry out more complex types of patient care. Average salaries across both professions depend largely on your education, experience and where you practice and typically do not reflect entry-level positions.


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