What percent of nurses are happy with their job? (2024)

What percent of nurses are happy with their job?

While nurses have typically held high career satisfaction rates, these rates declined during and after the pandemic. In the four biennial surveys before 2023, between 81 and 85 percent of nurses said they were extremely or somewhat satisfied with their career choice. However, this figure dropped to 71 percent in 2023.

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What percentage of nurses are happy?

Nurse career satisfaction has been at 80-85% for a decade; in 2023, it dropped to 71%. Likelihood of encouraging others to become a nurse is down 14 points from 2021. Only 15% of nurses employed in hospitals say they will “continue working as I am” in one year.

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Do most nurses enjoy their job?

That said, based on the 2018 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses, most nurses reported being moderately or extremely satisfied with their jobs. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, new research demonstrates that, nowadays, nurses experience increased levels of depression, exhaustion, and burnout.

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What is the happiness rating for nurses?

As it turns out, registered nurses rate their career happiness 2.7 out of 5 stars which puts them in the bottom 13% of careers.

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What field of nursing is the happiest?

Happiest Nurse Positions
  1. Certified Nurse Anesthetists. Many certified nurse anesthetists are happy with their position according to Career Explorer who surveyed many nurse anesthetists about job satisfaction. ...
  2. Clinical Nurse Specialist. ...
  3. Nurse Midwife. ...
  4. Registered Nurses.

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How many nurses love their job?

They're no longer happy being nurses. Among more than 9,000 nurses surveyed in October 2021, only 40% said they were satisfied being a registered nurse, compared to 62% in a previous survey in 2018. The most recent study is the fifth national survey the AACN has undertaken since 2006.

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What percent of nurses feel burnout?

Burnout affects approximately 38% of nurses per year.

It impacts nurses' personal lives, the patients they take care of, and the organizations they work for.

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Are nurses generally happy?

Despite ongoing challenges, including staffing issues, burnout, and more, over 70% of nurses said they were happy with their career choice, according to Medscape's "Nurse Career Satisfaction Report 2022."

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What is the hardest job as a nurse?

What nursing jobs are the most stressful? The most stressful nursing jobs include ICU nurse, ER nurse, and NICU nurse. In these roles, nurses work in an intense environment with high stakes. They manage emergency situations and care for critically ill patients.

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Are doctors or nurses happier?

Comparisons between physicians and nurses detected a significant difference for job happiness, with nurses scoring higher than physicians (t(106) = 3.60, p < 0.001).

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What age rate is the good nurse?

Rated R for language.

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Where do the smartest nurses work?

Case in point, within all general areas of nursing, the Medical ICU, Trauma ICU, Peds ICU, Neonatal ICU, are perceived to require the highest skill set of nurses.

What percent of nurses are happy with their job? (2024)
What type of nurse is most respected?

1. Certified registered nurse anesthetist. Nurse anesthetists are in one of the most well-respected fields in nursing, and it requires years of education, training, and experience to become one.

Which nursing specialty has the highest burnout rate?

Critical care nurses tend to suffer the highest rates of burnout. Critical care specialties include the emergency department (ED) and intensive care unit (ICU). Emergency department nurses tend to experience the highest rates of burnout.

How many nurses quit their job?

Another recent report by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing found about 100,000 registered nurses left the profession since 2020. More than 600,000 intend to leave by 2027 due to stress, burnout and retirement.

Why are so many nurses attractive?

Firstly, nursing is a caring profession which often requires compassion and empathy, both of which are qualities that many people find attractive in others. Additionally, nurses typically have good hygiene habits and dress professionally, both of which can contribute to an overall positive impression.

Why do people leave nursing?

One survey of over 3.9 million nurses found that burnout was a very common reason for leaving a nursing job — with 31% citing burnout as the primary motivator. Some of the top reasons for burnout were stressful work environments and short staffing. Common causes for burnout in nursing include: Working long shifts.

What percent of nurses regret?

Results: Fifteen percent of the 6,933 participating nurses had career choice regret. On multivariable analysis, experiencing burnout, working unplanned or mandatory overtime, being male, and having a higher academic degree related to nursing were independent predictors of career choice regret.

Why are nurses quitting 2023?

US nurses have been experiencing work stress and burnout.

Adding this to the influx of patients brought into hospitals because of various illnesses and the aging US population has been causing stress and burnout for nurses.

How many nurses are unhappy?

80.1% of nurses reported moderate stress. 43% of nurses reported moderate to severe anxiety. 26% of nurses reported moderate to severe depression.

What personality are most nurses?

An article found in NursingStandard explained that one of the most common personality types discovered amongst nurses is ISFJ (introvert, sensing, feeling, and judging). This personality type can be described as quiet but friendly and responsible. Loyal and committed to their obligations.

Can you enjoy life as a nurse?

Nursing is an extremely rewarding and highly demanding career. While not for the faint of heart, life as a nurse can be fulfilling; providing the opportunity to live a balanced life outside of work and make an impact on the lives of your patients.

Does anyone love being a nurse?

"I also love the pride I feel in my work. Being a nurse is one of the most challenging jobs someone could do. It's physically and mentally demanding at times. However, at the end of the day, you feel amazing satisfaction and pride.

What is the easiest type of RN?

Top 5 Easiest Nursing Jobs You Should Check Out
  1. Nurse Educator. If you're looking to swap a stressful nursing career and have a passion for teaching, it could be worth taking on further training to become a nurse educator. ...
  2. School Nurse. ...
  3. Clinic Nurse. ...
  4. Traveling Nurse. ...
  5. Case Management Nurse.
Mar 12, 2022

Are nurses jobs harder than doctors?

It is extremely difficult to compare two professions that are so fundamentally different in approach and skill mix requirements. The training of physicians is much harder, and much longer, but then the day to day life of a nurse is much harder . Nursing is brutal.


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